the wing

Basically, I just #loved# playing basketball and snowboarding. I played basketball everyday, and soon, I joined the community team and the school teem. snowboarding was the same. I skied every two days. Soon, I mastered skiing. Two sports made me tough and healthy. I didn't have a disease for two years!
I also played tennis and badminton. I didn't understand tennis all the way down to the roots. But I still played well. I played badminton every day with my dad just for protecting my eyes, because going out would be to tiring, and because dad was a badminton expert. It would be like: after a long time of reading or coding, my dad would say: lets play some badminton, and I would be like: .....ok


fire flame

thats my bike. I normally call it fireflame. Just 'cause its red. I liked biking pretty well too. I was an ok biker. I could ride up and down hills, use one hand to control my bike, and..... and... I think.... thats all.
I normally biked with my friends. He was normally escaping from his mom, and was an ok biker too. His daily schedule was: wake up, eat breakfast, go downstairs to play, ride bike with friends, practice using weapons literally, those weapons were just long sticks and short sticks. He even made himself a bow and 10 arrows made of wood, play in the underground car park, lie on the grass, go home to eat, sleep briefly, go out to bike, hit the bush with his weapons, practice wild-animal calling, hover around our basketball class, and bike/play with me and another kid, eat, play with other kids, sleep. I wish my schedule could be like that.



three things. one, I went to intermediate road on my first try
two, Beijing yeqiaobo is the worst place to snowboard in the whole world. three, I like snowboarding very much.



I like squash.
I won this competition, but sometimes I also lost the game, it's ok.


I learned HTML/CSS/Bootstrap during the coronavirus, this is my first personal website, hope you would like it:)