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codeman - about me

I started coding at age 6, stopped at age 6, restarted at age 8, and coded my first website at age 8. All of these where thanks to the endemic, coronavirus. I literally *#loved#* not going to school. It was just like heaven. Mom and dad weren't home, and know what a child :would: do at home without parents, right? Yeah, it was great. I also started coding at that time. I did my homework using html. I my diary entry's using html and a lot, lot more. Normal kids code scratch, right? Not me. I learned Python, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Yeah, I coded scratch, but only for fun. Not for real. You also may say:'8 years old is to early to code.' No. I started actually understanding computers at age 7. I simply used my 4 year old mac, and knew :#*all*#: the things on my mac. I could download anything from tha App store. Dad thought about coding, and of we were. My dad typed twice as quick as me, but still, I was a quick typier. It was basically like: at first, I started typing fingers because I started coding. Then, when I stopped coding, my typing became a nightmare. And when I started using my computer, I started typing fingers. It was pretty useful, as for now my typing is at least better. I was like: wow, wait till the guys in my school see that. They would be amazed. It started like when my dad told me how to use email, I tried to give an email message to my mom. My dad saw how slow I typed, and before long, I could type pretty well. After that, my dad decided to improve my typing, I needed to code. I think I coded python. It was very basic, just a simple add function. But to me, it was cool. On my second section of coding, I got to know an app to control pictures it was cool to. Its called Polarr Photo Editor cool name, huh? I'm still coding, even right now, and, I will.

I learned HTML/CSS/Bootstrap during the coronavirus, this is my first personal website, hope you would like it:)

reach me out @WeChat:MotongGao